How to recover salon business in covid-19 ??

How to recover salon business in covid-19 ??

How to recover salon business in covid-19 ??

The challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have been far-reaching, especially for sectors where physical contact is unavoidable.


  • Barbershops, salons, and beauty parlors have been mandated to entertain customers with prior appointments and putting up the notice describing the rules prominently in the premises
  • As per the guidelines, the establishments can carry out select services like haircut, hair dyeing, waxing, threading, among others, excluding skin-related services.
  • The state government has also made it mandatory for employees to wear protective gear such as gloves, aprons and masks.
  • All workstations must be sanitized after every service and all common areas and floors must be sanitized after every two hours.
  • The guidelines suggest salon owners must use disposal towels and napkins for customers.
  • Sterilization and sanitization of non-disposable items every time has also been made compulsory.

Digital marketing strategy of SalonSalon can check the temperature of your customer and staff when they are visit to salon.


The website should done by skilled professionals and experienced, To be trusted with the execution of new concept and design in the Online Domain. Most important go for a Responsive website because user are using mobile mostly see your the website.

~~Business WEBSITE are Two Type:-
1. Landing Page/Single Page:-Single page include all everything on the single page.
As Sample of landing Page – Jai malhar packers & movers
2. Multi-Page:-are subpages within a menu so that the separate the data onsite.
As Sample of Multi-Page – Page3 unisex Salon

When you are having website then you can add this :-

1. Pre-booking

If your salon, spa, or wellness facility needs to close due to coronavirus, take the opportunity to encourage your loyal customers to prebook their next appointment for when you plan to be open again. As Pre-Booking you need to start thinking about how to make your salon or spa’s reopening a grand reopening.

2. Reconsider cancellation fees

A cancellation fee is an industry best practice during typical business operations, but it may encourage clients who aren’t feeling 100% or who have COVID-19 to power through and make it to their service now. Make sure your clients know that they can cancel without penalty if they’re not feeling well.

3. Retail to the rescue

If your salon or spa sells retail products, keep your online store open during COVID-19! As long as you’ve got supply, your customers will bring the demand—after all, if they are used to your massage oil, shampoo, or essential oils, they’ll want those familiar products for at-home even when they can’t visit you in person.

Once your Website alive form 24 Hour Non-stop because of our site in hosting (server),If more information want go through this Hosting

2. Advertisement

A notice or accnouncment in public medium promoting a property and service by Social Media

2.1 Facebook/FB
2.2 YouTube

2.1 FACEBOOK/FB– There are 244 million active users in india on facebook but we have to work on trageting by demographics,age and behaviour,additionaly user can also forget thier website vistors.

How to create Facebook Business Account ?

~~~~~~~How to Facebook Engagement?

1. Share information about daily real property activites.

2. Post interseting facts about the locality where the property is beimg developed.

3. Post about festivals and celebratory occasions while adding a related to a property.

2.2 YouTube– has 265 million monthly active users in India and over 1200 channels from Indian. YouTube is the second most visited site largest search engine in the world.

How to make YouTube account ?

~~~~~~~How to YouTube Engagement?

1. Post videos of Open-Bunglow Plot

2. Make your points clear, simple.

3. Be consistent to build an audience on YouTube.

Reduce services and streamline your operations

Just as you’ll want to streamline your clients’ experience and minimize contact wherever you can, you need to streamline your operations generally. With online booking, it’s easy to ensure you’ll have time to clean between appointments. You can also readily schedule clients to arrive at staggered times. Perhaps it doesn’t make sense to offer your full-service menu at the moment. Some salons are asking clients to come in with wet, clean hair to optimize the service cycle time. Consider what makes sense for your business.
How can you give clients a great experience—while still keeping everyone safe?

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