Digital Marketing



Grow your online presence with the Help of Collin IT Solutions.Today, with over a billion websites, online visibility is one of the biggest issues you’re going to face as a business. In order to grow your business organically online and lay a strong foundation for your business in the long run, Search Engine Optimization is very important. . And it can Be Possible because we offer all types of SEO services for your business. From On-Page optimization to Off-Page optimization and everything in between, with utmost professionalism

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1. On Page SEO.
2. Off Page SEO.
3. Keyword Research
4. Competitor Analysis
5. Reault Orinted Approach
6. Image Optimization

Search Engine Optimization PACKAGE 1 PACKAGE 2 PACKAGE 3
Keywords 10 20 30
Keyword Research and Analyse
Google Analytics and Webmaster
Article 1 2 3
Site Map
Alt Attribute
Blog Blog 1 Blog 2 Blog 3
H1 Tag
Title and Description
Page Speed Insight
Silo Model
Existing Content Optimisation
Off Page Submission


Social Media

Social media marketing is popular nowdays because you generate leads by marketing business on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Each social platfrom have their own technique and Collin is experts on them. Partnering with Collin IT Solution can Help carrying out effective social media marketing strategies can create a positive influence on your search engine optimization efforts. Engaging your social media audience in a creative way will convert them from audiences to loyal brand advocates which is the best thing you can give your business. Loyal brand advocates means more word-of-mouth marketing and revenue down the lane.

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1. Social Media Strategy Planning
2. Social Media Profile Creation
3. Social Media Post and Content Creation
4. Channel-Specific Social Media Services
5. Coontent Publishing
6. Social Media Ads

5 - Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
Google my Business, Linkedin )
Monthly Post 5 10 15
Social Media Audit Nill
Monthly Social Media Report
Video One 30 Sec Video Two 30 Sec Video Three 30 Sec Video
Testimonial Poster 2 4 6
Social Media Calendar
Facebook Pixel
FB Likes 500 1,000 1,500
Reach 50,000 to 1 Lakh 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh 2 Lakh to 3 Lakh
Lead Ads 50 100 150

Directly Advertising Marketing

Their are many marketing platforms where you can display advertisings to market your business, We market your business on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. At Collin IT Solutions we use a range of strategies to reach customers, whether the aim is to tempt them into making a purchase, increase their brand awareness, or simply engage with your brand. Modern digital marketing comprises a broad system of channels, including Content Marketing, WebSite Marketing, etc.

Collin IT Solution Mission


1. Increasing Growth on Monthly Basics
2. Highly Cost Effective
3. Content Marketing
4. Product Marketing
5. 100% Client Satisfaction
6. Online Reputation Developement

Digital Marketing PACKAGE 1 PACKAGE 2 PACKAGE 3
Search, Display, Lead, Traffic, Smart Campaign,
Brand Awareness and Reach
Target Audience
Reach 1L 3L 5L
Leads 50 70 100
Lead Automation Tools
Ads Design 5 10 15